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Top 5 Things to Know...
​1.The first thing you should know is how secure of a storage facility does your repo company have. 
Many repossession companies do not have a secure storage facility. Many have weak, unsecured chain link fences, inadequate lighting and no security cameras or alarm systems. This makes their business an easy target for thieves and debtors trying to get their vehicle back. We recommend always inspecting or at the very least viewing photos of the facility your collateral will be stored. Do not assume just because they have a lot it is secure.  
2.The second thing you should know is what type of drivers your repossession company hires.
      Many repossession companies that charge lower rates often obtain this by cutting cost. As most know one of the most expensive costs in any business is payroll.  Some companies hire drivers that are not legal to drive a tow truck because they do not have to pay then as much. Many have criminal records but surprisingly are still able to drive a tow truck without being caught. Property theft and even vehicle theft is common with employees that are underpaid.      
3.The third thing you should know is if the repo company has proper equipment and licensing.
  As in with any industry proper equipment and licensing is paramount. Many repossession companies don't register their tow truck properly with the State of Texas. All wreckers must be registered with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.  If they do not do this and they are pulled over with your vehicle on the lift both your vehicle and the wrecker  will be impounded.  This happens every day in San Antonio, TX.  To prevent this check TDLR's website and verify they're legal. 

4.The forth thing you should know is what type of insurance the repossession company has.
     Many times we have found that repo companies only carry towing insurance. Many lien holders simply ask for a copy of insurance but never look at what types of coverage’s are on the policy. Always make sure when you are looking at a repossession company you get a copy of the insurance faxed or emailed directly from the insurance agent to ensure the policy is still active.  If the company does not have repo insurance and there is an accident the adjuster could deny the claim. 
5.The fifth and final thing you should know is how other lien holders rate their services.
     All most every single company on the internet (including us) talks about being the best, most skilled, most reliable, largest, most technically advanced and highest recovery rate but how do you know which company really does have all of these benefits. If the company advertises the highest recovery rate than you as a lien holder should be able to read reviews or even better speak directly to other clients to look at how happy they are. Many websites for repossession company's say they are the best but do not provide one review online nor anywhere on their website.  
     Below are the top 5 things you should look into as a lien holder before hiring a repossession company in San Antonio.  Each one is very important and can lead to problems if not addressed before hiring a repossession agent.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our offices.  We would be more than willing to go into further detail with any and all of the information below.  
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At Collateral Recovery Team we understand the importance of adequate insurance coverage. Many companies cut cost by lowering certain parts of the coverage. Typically these are the portions of coverage that have the highest rate of claim. Our company has always kept the same policy with the same company to ensure our clients will always have coverage for any surprises that arise in the repossession industry. If you have any questions for us or about ATIG please do not hesitate to contact us.